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    Funny that they call it shapewear when it doesn’t shape your body. Well that’s not entirely true. Shapewear doesn’t permanently reshape your body, but it does provide an instant slimming and shape control underneath your clothing. 

    A typical shaper will provide a thin, yet firm layer of compression underneath your clothes. This will create a smooth foundation under your garments and eliminate the appearance of love handles, belly pooch, bulges and other troubled areas. 

    So while it can not permanently shape your body, it can certainly help with creating a slimmer and shape-ier appearance. 

    Think of it as pouring a batter into a mold, but not baking it in the oven. You’ll have a nice gingerbread mold to look at, but once you remove the mold the batter will ooze out as before. 

    But it isn’t merely temporary. Shapewear can be used as part of your slimming-down plan. Walking around with a slimmer look - even if you’ve cheated by using shapewear - can motivate you to make other healthy choices that may lead to a slimmer body. Feeling confident about your look can inspire and motivate you to exercise and eat healthier - choices that will lead you on the path towards a thinner you. It’s simple - just like popping a batter into the oven. With time you will come out firm and inshape. 

    So why do they call it shapewear? It’s because it can help you achieve your goal of slimming down by allowing you to feel and look slimmer and more in-shape before you’ve actually achieved your goal. It gives you a glimpse of the finish line, all the while fooling everyone into thinking you’ve crossed the finish line and achieved your goal. 

    So whether you need an instant fix or a gentle push towards getting in shape - start by finding a comfy pair of shaping wear. Along with nutrition and exercise, it’ll be a part of your Team Thin & Slim. 

    Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

    Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

    PART 1

    Confident people will always see a strong person staring back at them through the mirror. 

    Unfortunately, in the image obsessed, Hollywood-centric, and size-zero-girls-in-every-advertisement world we live in, many women and girls lose some of that confidence. 

    No matter the compliments people give you, if you have a negative body image you will always be unhappy looking in the mirror. You won’t like the body looking back at you. 

    A negative body image can lead to a physically and mentally unhealthy body. 

    Focusing on satisfying the media’s vision (who's the media anyways?) of tall, thin and attractive leads one to try to reach beauty and body ideals that are not realistic. Those bodies exist in photoshopped magazines, post-production TV, and on miniature Barbie dolls - not in the real world. 

    This negative body image doesn't just reside and mess with your mind. It can lead to many physical unhealthy issues too. Eating disorders, OCD, isolationism and depression are just some of the more common effects brought on by a low body image. 

    Who is most susceptible to develop a negative body image and how can we deal with this? Read part 2 to find out if you may be at risk and how to trick your mind into having a positive body image full of confidence. 


    PART 2

    The woman looking at you through the mirror is a bit too pudgy and tad too short. If that’s what you see you may suffer from having a negative body image. 

    This can stem from comparing yourself to others - be your friends and acquaintances or even airbrushed models in a magazine.

    Of course there are other influences as well. Studies show that children of parents who diet often or have body image issues themselves are more likely to develop a lack of confidence in their body. Being criticized or ridiculed by others will also greatly contribute to this. 

    In rare cases, some even suffer from a mental health condition called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (known as BDD) where their mind is occupied with imaginary physical flaws. 

    So what can you do? I’m no doctor so I won’t touch serious cases like BDD, but I can suggest that so long as the issues stem from our social surroundings there are many ways to make yourself accept and be happy with your body image. 

    The key to self confidence is to make your opinion count more than those of others. Sounds self centered and selfish? Well it isn’t. Embrace your imperfections, love your body - curves and all. You don’t need to stop caring what others think, but you do need to begin caring what you think.  

    Fall for our High Waisted Shaping Leggings this Fall

    Fall for our High Waisted Shaping Leggings this Fall

    BodyBeautiful High-Waisted Leggings have the Slim Built In. 

    High Waisted Leggings are perfect for any body shape. They have great tummy control, and will vanish your muffin tops. It’s like putting on a magician's white gloves. Poof! Bye bye rolls and flap! 

    Our High Waisted leggings are available with a 5 inch waistband, as well as a larger 8 inch waistband. They are smooth and fitted around your hips and thighs - truly a one of a kind product where the slim is built in.  

    Are you feeling like you’ve got a little extra stomach? A little pouch or holster attached to your hips? If your answer is yes, then try a pair of slimming leggings. They will keep your gut in check and your hips in form. BodyBeautiful leggings are designed for flattery and function. 

    Many new moms opt for our leggings. The elastic waistband (whether you chose a 5” waistband or an 8” waistband) is designed to hold in the “extra” layers until you get back to your pre-baby form. They are soft and comfortable so you won’t mind wearing them all day.

    But, these leggings aren’t just for new moms and for post-baby slimming; Anyone carrying a little extra pack around can do with a bit of BodyBeautiful magic. Try them and you won’t want to take them off when you get home. Watch and you’ll fall in love with our High Waisted Shaping Leggings this Fall.

    High Marks for High-Waisted Shapewear

    Are you looking for the best high-waisted shapewear? 

    Do you need to enhance your figure and control your tummy?

    Are you trying to slim those hips and lift your bust? 

    Shapewear can do the trick. There’s a fix for every troubled area of your body. 

    High-Waisted Bodysuits, Sexy Slimming Wear with Lace, Boyshorts & Thongs.

    There is something for everyone. 


    If you find all these variants confusing, don’t worry and don’t fret. You don’t need to spend endless hours online fawning over pictures of beautiful models and wishing you’d look like them. Follow these tips to find the perfect pair of shapewear for you. 

    Before you decide if you need High-waisted pants or a short pair of slimming briefs, consider these two points. Check out what the shapewear is made of. It will be like a second skin- tight on your body - so make sure you’re happy with what it's made of. 

    • Latex material encourages perspiration. It may actually help you shed the pounds while the shapewear holds it in. 
    • Lycra and Spandex fabrics are super comfortable and will allow you to slip the shapewear underneath your clothes and have a seamless look and smooth feel. 

    So, before you begin looking at the shapewear styles, checkout the shapewear materials.

    Plus Size Pants

    Plus Size Pants

    I spent the last 30 minutes crammed in a 3 by 5 foot box with hooks on the wall. 

    The dressing room was littered with pants and panties as I tried on pair after pair in search of pants that fit. (yes I tried taking off my panties in the hope that I could squeeze into a pair of pants).  

    Being on the taller and broader spectrum, I find clothes shopping difficult and upsetting. 

    My more petite friends “just throw it all together” and walk out looking great. I, on the other hand, can spend 45 minutes in front of the mirror, contorting my body into a host of positions trying to get the clothes to look natural on me. 

    After many hours staring at my frustrating self and teary eyes in the mirror, I’ve found the secret.  

    Meet the Sexy Shapewear Saviour. Shapewear is full of creative tricks to get you into all the beautiful clothing out there. Between plus size slimming full bodysuits to sexy shaping tank tops, you won’t be limited to the meager plus size clothing rack anymore. 

    Just like outerwear, plus size shapewear has something for every need. Shaping pants, slimming tops, even plus size sexy shapewear with lace…’re covered for every event. 

    Follow these three secrets and you can look fabulous in anything.

    • Dress to match your body shape, not your size. Look for clothes that fit well, that enhance your assets and form. Whether you’re busty or boxy, you need the right fit for your figure. 

    • Search for clothes that skim your body. You want clothes with the right fit - not too baggy that they hide your beautiful figure; Nor too tight that they accentuate any blubber.  

    • Dress with confidence. With the right shapewear and slimming wear you can carry yourself confidently. Confidence will boost your image - your self image and what others see as well.